So today is an interesting page!
How so?

Would you believe it was last-minute edited in paint?

Wait a second… this is 2015, who uses paint for anything other than hilarious meme paintovers?

How desperate must you be to turn to paint?

And so it is with sorrow I announce the death of my reliable six year old laptop who bleeped his last this morning literally half way through editing today’s page. Thanks you old bastard. I love you too.

Overcome with grief and many ‘Oh crap oh crap oh crap’s I blessed my mother for her sage old advice: “don’t eat too many sweets or you’ll never eat your dinner!”.

The above has no relevance in this instance but taught me to heed good advice.

Such as “always back up your files”, something shouted in every creative corner.

So today people I beg of you – ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DAMNED FILES!

Because laptops have a sense of humour.

*where the crap am I going to get a laptop for next week*