Today we start small with one comic page and three webpages. Humble beginnings, it’s true.

However, stick with me, or come back in several weeks and not only will the comic grow but the site also. Comic pages will be added once a week on Tuesday at 8pm but I’m also considering the addition of a cast page with bios for each character, an about page for newcomers, a contact/about the author page and maybe a locations page. But enough about techno wizardry and onto the comic!

The comic was originally going to be black and white. It was Ollie who gave me a push toward colour, something I’m not experienced with. A quick look at my facebook artist page reveals a whopping three colour palette. It took two and a half days of panicking over colour theory before I even attempted a panel, but I think it was worth it for this first page – otherwise that sunset would just have been a pigment of my imagination (:-D). Interestingly, this was the last page of chapter 1 I coloured, knowing it would be the trickiest. The rest of the comic wasn’t really coloured chronologically either so you may notice the changes in quality, something I hope will level out in chapter 2.

On the subject of quality, I anticipate this project will continue into next year so the disparity between start and end will be inevitable but rewarding!

Page dimensions are tailored for the ipad. I hate a comic where you have to scroll down to see the whole page and I hope (touch wood) that’s something I’ve avoided for most ipads. If it’s not the case.. oh well, let me know and I’ll have another look.

For now welcome to Deadbird!

See you fine things next week.

P.s did you find one of the 100 origami birds around Dundee? Or try fold one yourself?

Choose a side, Red or White. if ye choose red ye will surely regret.